We started with our first Clumber in mid 1997 and soon learned that Clumbers are addictive !  The dogs who live with us here at Shogun are our companion house dogs - who are outside a lot of the daylight hours. We are fortunate to have a large fenced in area on our property, which gives them plenty of running room. We usually have growing puppies in the house with us as well as the adult dogs. Everyone is in the house at night, and everyone lives in harmony. Our dogs here are Marlo, GiGi, Benson, Sierra and Jolene.

Some of our puppies have gone to homes under co-ownership. This has kept us in close contact with owners who wanted assistance showing the dogs and we have also done this for breeding purposes. These dogs visit frequently and Shogun has remained a second home to them. Dogs that we co-own are Alice, Gracie, Curry, Emmy, Pip, Carl, Sparkle, Tori, Ellie, and Melody.
Picture galleries of all the dogs can be seen at Otto's pbase site,



 ** NEWS **
Best of Opposite Sex, CSFM Regional Specialty 07/13/2017 for Marlo, GCHB Moonrysn's That Girl JH, SH, WD.

Select Dog CSCA National Specialty 05/04/2017 for Benson, GCH Shogun's Coded in Cobol.

Best in GunDog Sweepstakes CSCA National Specialty 05/03/2017 for Marlo, GCHB Moonrysn's That Girl JH, SH WD.

Best Puppy and Reserve Winners Dog, CSCA National Specialty 05/04/2017 for Remi, Shogun's I Walk The Line.

New Hunting titles: 07/29/2017 Senior Hunter title for Marlo.  She is now GCHB Moonrysn's That Girl JH, SH WD.

06/18/2017 Junior Hunter title for Sierra (SiSi). She is now Shogun's Sierra Sue JH.
                                07/30/2016 Senior Hunter title for Curry. He is now CH Shogun's Kid Curry JH, SH WDX.
                   06/04/2016 Master Hunter title for Bing.  He is now CH Shogun's Blue Of The Night JH, SH, MH.

National Specialty Winner: 03/13/2014  Best in Specialty Show for Benson, CH Shogun's Coded In Cobol bred by Susan Strinden Hall.



Learn as much as you can about the breed before making this decision.


Our puppies will always be considered family, and we are here to support them and their owners. We try to keep in contact with them all and love receiving pictures and correspondence from their owners.  We always want our puppy owners to feel
comfortable asking questions, and communicating when there are problems as well as when there are triumphs !

Before you buy a Clumber puppy, please do your homework.  The last thing any reputable breeder wants - is to place a puppy in a home which is not a good fit.
Read about the breed on the CSCA website - .
Visit a home with Clumbers and talk to experienced owners about the pluses
and minuses.
Talk to breeders and listen to everything they say.  We are all here to help.

The Clumber Spaniel Club of America has some excellent information to help you with this decision.  Click here.

What else would you like to know...



Our breeding program concentration is on soundness, breed type, and temperament.  Our parents are health tested before being used in our breeding program. The world of Clumbers is still a small one and we are all striving to improve the breed.  Below are Angelina and her mother Anita,
both OFA hips Good and OFA elbows Normal.

The dogs here at Shogun live in the house with us.  We train our dogs and pursue venues with them as individuals - according to each one's talents and desire to perform, whether it be hunting, tracking, obedience or conformation. Our dogs are our companions - first and foremost.

Helen Marshall

Retired computer analyst.  Have bred & shown the dogs in conformation, obedience, tracking, hunting, and rally.


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Our Home

Dousman, Wisconsin 5+ acres where our dogs live in the house with us but experience the outdoors daily.





We are always happy to answer questions about the breed and to provide
information about our upcoming breedings.  Occasionally we have an adult
Clumber available.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Feel free to contact us via Email or to call us.  We encourage visits to meet our
dogs.  We can also put you in touch with a Clumber home in your area for a visit.


We are in South-eastern Wisconsin

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