Our Philosophy

Every breeder has hopes of improving the breed.  We here at Shogun strive to do this: by using health clearances and pedigrees as our guide, and comparing the parents to the breed standard for structure and breed type;   by realistically evaluating the weaknesses of our dams, and searching for a sire who can provide strengths in those areas.
Our goal is to produce healthy and hearty puppies who will live long lives in the homes and hearts of their owners.  We require all of our ‘parents’ to be evaluated for hips, elbows and eyes.  We require knowledge of the PDP1 genetic factor in each of the parents, so that we do not breed carrier to carrier.  We do not eliminate a dog from our breeding program who does not have passing hips or elbows, but we match to a mate accordingly.  We know that genetics do not always follow set rules, but we try our best to breed for better health in our puppies.
Our goal as breeders is to provide loving and lasting homes for our puppies.  We evaluate the pups for temperament characteristics and try to match to homes using this as an aid.  We feel that each Clumber is happier with a ‘job’.  That job may be to be the best friend of his owner, or it may be to visit nursing home residents to bring light into their lives.  This is our hope for our puppies future. We may ask you more questions, as a potential puppy buyer, than you like.  This is a good thing.  We want to be careful, not only for our puppies’ sake, but also for yours as an owner.  We are asking for a commitment for the life of your dog.



Camp Shogun

Dousman, Wisconsin 5+ acres where our dogs live in the house with us but experience the outdoors daily.


From east to west, north to south, we are thankful for our puppy owners and their loving care.


We are always happy to answer questions about the breed and to provide
information about our upcoming breedings. Occasionally we have an adult
Clumber available.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Feel free to contact us via Email or to call us.  We encourage visits to meet our
dogs.  We can also put you in touch with a Clumber home in your area for a visit.


We are in South-eastern Wisconsin