Puppy Care

A new puppy is a challenge !!  Be prepared for a lot of work and some frustration. The end result will be a friendship and bond that is well worth the journey.
Your puppy will settle in within just a few days, and then will quickly attempt to establish his role.  Now you face your first challenge….keeping yourself as the boss.  Puppies want rules; once they know and understand the rules, they will cooperate with you.  You must be firm – find a balance between kindness and firmness - be the BOSS.  We recommend that you take your puppy to a basic obedience class when he is 6-12 months old, or even sooner depending on when you get his rabies vaccine.
Along with veterinary care when needed, your Clumber puppy will need care for his eyes, ears and feet.
The area around the eyes should be wiped once or twice a day with a damp wash cloth.  This will prevent tear staining and will add to your puppy’s comfort. Spaniel ears are subject to infections if not cleaned regularly. Nails need trimming regularly (once every 1-2 weeks).  The hair on the bottom of the feet should be trimmed level with the pads.  A simple straight scissors can accomplish this.
Clumbers are chewers as puppies and are known to ingest harmful objects !!  The best toys are the large nylabones and the hard rubber kongs.  We have found that stuffed toys containing squeakers are very dangerous for this breed.
Please contact us for more detail on Puppy Care.



Helen Marshall

Our puppies are raised in our home, in the midst of all the activity. Socialization is key in puppies.

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Never underestimate the work involved in raising a puppy.


We are always happy to answer questions about the breed and to provide
information about our upcoming breedings. Occasionally we have an adult
Clumber available.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Feel free to contact us via Email or to call us.  We encourage visits to meet our
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